A Tender Touch Grooming
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About Our Services

When you enter A Tender Touch you will think that you are still outside, due to the murals by Anna Hamilton Fields, who painted the "Dogedin" murals. These were started in 2015 and will continue to have pet's portraits added to them.

At A Tender Touch we NEVER use heat dryers! Your pet has a "personal bather and dryer". Heat dryers are detrimental to your pet's health and skin. If, by chance, we are unable to dry your pet completely, they relax with an ambient air dryer until they are dry.

They are NEVER left alone during any process...safety and comfort is key at A Tender Touch. Because it is so very important for your pet to develop a trusting relationship with his/her groomer we do not switch your pets groomer once they have established a relationship.

  • No chemicals are used of any sort.

  • Flea bath is a natural flea bath.

  • We offer your pet water to drink throughout the day and lots of love.

  • We have natural grain free treats available if it is approved by their Mom or Dad.

  • We use only the highest quality of shampoos and products. Please allow our skilled bather to determine the best choice after examining your pets coat.

  • all pets faces are cleansed with a "spa" treatment that is tearless and soothing.

Unless our client's Mom or Dad's prefer to have them apart from the other dogs (who are checked for their shot records) they are allowed to roam free and play in the shop after they have their bath. They are not put in kennels or cages to wait.

Additionally, we carry Nutrisource food and treats. This food is made by the same company as Blue Buffalo. Kathy's dogs have eaten this food for years and love it...and rarely need veterinary care due to poor health...which can be attributed to a poor diet full of fillers and dyes.

Serivces And Prices

The bath and brush

Hydrating argan oil bath, nails clipped and paw pads trimmed and rounded, ears cleaned and ear hair removal, if needed, sanitary trim, blow out.

Small dogs under 20 lbs - $22 and up depending on size/condition and coat
Over 20 lbs up to 30 lbs - $30 and up depending on size/condition and coat
Larger dogs on individual basis
Also, if you have a smooth coated dog the fee will be adjusted down.

The full groom

Includes all of the above and full haircut.

Small dogs under 20 lbs - $40 and up depending on size/condition and coat
(i.e. Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie)
Over 20 lbs up to 30 lbs $42 and up depending on size/condition and coat
(i.e. Schnauzer, Scottie, Lhasa, Cairn)
Cocker Spaniels and Mini Poodles - $45 and up depending on size/condition and coat
NOTE: Larger dogs will be quoted on an individual basis.

Extras & Misc

$5 tooth brushing

Flea baths carry a $5 fee and we reserve the right to add an additional fee
for extremely matted dogs, dogs that need special care or are hard to handle.

It will be determined by our bather if your pet requires a conditioner on his coat - there is no extra charge for that service.

Please note that we are happy to dremmel (file) your pets nails at no extra cost to you

If there is a considerable amount of brush out due to a longer coat there may be a $5 fee

Nail clips only ...$7 for small dogs, $l0 for large dogs